Philips Floor Lamp Arc 581875


Philips Floor Lamp Arc 581875




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Floor lamps are one of the most important lighting elements in your home. Floor lamps are part of the design of the room. However, it is important to understand what you need from a floor lamp before choosing. There are many types of floor lamp ideas, such as floor lamps with cylindrical or conical shades, and all of them look very smart and help complete all the functions of your home with ease.
The philips arc floor lamp allows you to combine style and function. Arched floor lamps are made of aluminium, and you can also choose this lamps for that you can adjust the length of the lamp legs. This arc floor lamp is suitable for most types of settings you will need to read. Provides focused light where you need to read.

Advantages Of Arc Floor Lamp

Some of the main advantages of using philips arc lamps:
1. Arc lamps produce intense light.
2. The arc lamp can illuminate large areas, such as large streets, large factories, etc.
3. The arc lamp is less expensive than other floor lamps, oil lamps and the gas discharge lamp .
4. The flexible design and elegant design of this arc lamp matches well with many home styles, the which makes it suitable for almost any room in the home.
The bulbs of this arc floor lamp are very versatile and can be used in the following applications:
1. Medium arc lamp, extending over a couch or sofa for an intimate reading nook
2.Wide arc lamp, extending 7 legs on a lighted sofa or living room, coffee table Lighting Multi-light floor lamp behind a chair
3. Arm study Favorite direction these arc lamp stretched above the dining table provides warm light for daily meals.
4. Philips arc floor lamps can replace the dining table or dining room conversation area above the living room with a chandelier.
SPECIFICATION*Under Standard in house labratory test conditions
BRAND Philips
MODEL Arc 581875
MATERIAL Metal & Fabric
STYLE Modern
INPUT VOLTAGE 220V – 240V – 50Hz
LIGHT SOURCE E-27 Lamp (Not Included)
WARRANTY 1 Year (Fulfilled by company)
Weight 4.25 kg
Dimensions 118 × 34 × 80 cm
Colour Temperature

3000K, 4000K, 6000K